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Сентябрь 27, 2013

BlueWater Saturn

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BlueWater Saturn of  WildFireShine


Spartacus ended the TICA 2012-13 Show season with the following results:

#5 Bengal kitten in the world! #8 Kitten Allbreed, in the SE Region. BEST Bengal kitten in the SE Region.

#18 Allbreed cat in the SE Region. #10 Best shorthair cat in the SE Region. Second best Bengal cat in the SE Region
bengal cat

bengal cat



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Brown spotted kittens born 09/04/2010, a boy and a girl from Burkeben Bellagio of WildFireShine & Wild Fire Shine Gallardo Golden Boy. SOLD

Brown spotted boy

Bengal kittens

Bengal kittens

Bengal kittens

Brown spotted girl


Bengal kittens

Bengal kittens

Bengal kittens

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Октябрь 28, 2009

About Bengals

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Asian Leopard Cat

The Bengal cat is a distinct, unique breed of spotted domestic cat derived from the ancestral crossing of a domestic cat such as an Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Burmese or Egyptian Mau with an Asian Leopard Cat. The wild Asian Leopard Cat is a beautiful, small, wildcat approximately the size of a domestic cat. The Asian Leopard Cat can be found in twenty-one Asian countries, throughout Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Laos and the Philippines.

The name «Bengal» is derived from the Latin name of the Asian Leopard Cat, Feline Bengalensis.
Above, this beautiful Asian Leopard Cat photo is also from BengalBreeder.Net

The domestic Bengal has inherited the exotic, stunningly wild spotted pattern from the Asian Leopard Cat, found in the wild in central Asia. This beautiful breed of cat is very loving, affectionate, playful and friendly while retaining the wild look of it’s ancestors.

The first hybridization with the intention to create a pet «leopard» was accomplished in Japan according to the 1941 Cat Fancy publication. It was not until 1960 that any records exist in the United States of breeding Leopard Cats todomestic cats.

The well-known Asian Leopard Cat named Taro, above Owned by Grace Lush of Bundas Cattery

The chief credit for this breed is given to Jean (Sudgen) Mill of the USA. Jean Mill crossed a black shorthaired domestic cat with a female Asian Leopard Cat in 1963. Offspring were produced proving that a secondgeneration was possible. Further experiments were interrupted due to a death in the family.
The little Asian Leopard Cats became very well known in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when it became fashionable to wear leopard furs. It would take over 200 leopard pelts to make just one fur coat! These little leopards were almost wiped out of existence to meet the demand for fur. Thanks to concerned scientists, animal rights activists and the union of Nations, the hunting and trading of Asian Leopard Cats across international boundaries was banned and is still in effect today under CITES.

In the 1970s, the domestic cat population was seriously threatened by Feline Leukemia. At that time, there was no vaccine or cure. It was discovered that Asian Leopard Cats did not get the disease. A study was started to find out if this immunity would be passed on to the hybrid kittens of the Leopard Cat bred to domestics. As a result of this study, in 1975 Jean Mill acquired eight female hybrids from the geneticist, Dr. Willard Centerwall.

Jean Mill began again to further the new breed. Jean felt that if people could own a domestic little leopard as a beloved pet that they would be less likely to either buy Asian Leoapard Cats for pets OR to want to wear leopard fur! She hoped this new breed would help protect the shy, but beautiful, Asian Leopard Cat.

In 1984 the domestic Bengal became recognized by the International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.) and was then eligible to be shown.There are also many colors within the breed.
You’ll find that Bengals come in two distinctly different patterns as far as coat is concerned.

The spotted variety and the marble variety. Both types exhibit all the other Bengal features and it is not unusual to have both spotted and marbles in the same litter.

There are also many colors within the breed.
The spotted and marble varieties both come in these colors:

Seal Mink
Seal Lynx
Seal Sepia
Blue (not a color recognized by TICA)
Melanistic (not a color recognized by TICA)

The spotted variety also come with different formations of the spots and are distinguished by the following terms:

Typical Spotted: Solid black or brown spots on a lighter background

Rosetted: Spots are formed by two colors. Lighter color in the center with a darker or black outline to the spots.

Rosettes come in a variety of patterns: Closed or doughnut rosettes, Open rosettes forming an arrowhead or

paw-print pattern. Combinations of both.

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All Bengals Cats Kittens in our cattery come from world's best lines. Parents are valuable breeding Bengals Cats, we have many awards, including the “Best in show”. All Bengals kittens are sold as breeding Bengals Cats are TICA registered, and have the official FL health certificate. If you want to buy a Bengal Cat/Kitten as a pet, we offer to offset your costs, so you could come and get a Bengal Cat/Kitten from our hands. You will see Bengal Cat parents, and we will be able to pass Bengal Cat /Kitten"from hand to hand." Bengals -Cats- Kittens - Florida


Bengals Cats Kitten TICA registered Cattery in FL. Brown Rosetted Bengals Cats Kittens mini Leopards. Top Grand Champion, Regional Winner Bengals Cat lines. Written sales contract, Written health guarantee with genetic health guarantee, FL Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. PK Def & PRA Negative, FeLV negative, FIV negative, Screen for cardiomyopathy, HCM screening, Ringworm free.