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Bengals Cats and Kittens in Florida

We are bengal cat cattery located in sunny Florida. We offer unique Bengal kittens with magnificent contrast, wild head and jet black random markings on a light orange background! We have an excellent selection of Bengal kittens available now. Bengals -Cats- Kittens - Florida


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Ulcerative planum nasale of the Bengal cat is a rare and distinctive skin disease characterized by fissures, crusts, and ulcers of the planum nasale seen only in Bengal cats. A defect resulting in high epidermal turnover and reduced thickness of the stratum corneum was hypothesized.

Dry nose of the Bengal Cat

An inherited disorder is strongly suspected as all affected cats have been Bengal cats. The disease has been seen in Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom, and in the U.S.A. (2 in Northern California).

Clinical features: scaling progressed to adherent crusting overlying erosions and ulcers. Pruritus or pain were not noted. Bleeding can occur.

Progression: disease is gradual in onset in Bengal cat kittens or young adults.

Signalment predilections: age of onset was between 4 months and 1 year of age.

Differential diagnosis: the disease is visually distinctive.

Therapy: oral prednisolone and topical salicylic acid were palliative in some cats. Topical tacrolimus (Protopic

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All Bengals Cats Kittens in our cattery come from world's best lines. Parents are valuable breeding Bengals Cats, we have many awards, including the “Best in show”. All Bengals kittens are sold as breeding Bengals Cats are TICA registered, and have the official FL health certificate. If you want to buy a Bengal Cat/Kitten as a pet, we offer to offset your costs, so you could come and get a Bengal Cat/Kitten from our hands. You will see Bengal Cat parents, and we will be able to pass Bengal Cat /Kitten"from hand to hand." Bengals -Cats- Kittens - Florida


Bengals Cats Kitten TICA registered Cattery in FL. Brown Rosetted Bengals Cats Kittens mini Leopards. Top Grand Champion, Regional Winner Bengals Cat lines. Written sales contract, Written health guarantee with genetic health guarantee, FL Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. PK Def & PRA Negative, FeLV negative, FIV negative, Screen for cardiomyopathy, HCM screening, Ringworm free.